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DeAngelo Hall Sounds Off on Jim Haslett...For Good Reason

If you don't think players are taking this loss hard...think again. DeAngelo Hall, easily one of the stars on this defense, articulated his distaste for Haslett's defensive design where cornerbacks are assigned a side instead of a player. On Andre Johnson's huge touchdown, the 4-time Pro Bowl WR was covered by Phillip Buchanon (easily the team's 3rd-string cornerback), who released Andre deep to 1-1 coverage with Reed Doughty. There are multiple fails on that (before even getting to Doughty's valiant effort on defending). DHall exploded today in his interviews with the media:

"From here on out, I'm going to wherever the f***ing ball is going. Whereever the receiver is going, that's where the f*** I'm going...If Andre Johnson's out there, I'm gonna be out there." (via @ryanohalloran)

Isn't it common sense to put your best defender on arguably the best WR in the NFL? What if Haslett doesn't agree with Hall?

"It don't matter what he say. This is my team. This is my defense."  (via @Rich_Campbell)  

Wow. That will for sure ruffle some feathers among Shanahan and Haslett...both no-nonsense guys. The coaches are not ones to air out their beef to the media, but this for sure will be a headline throughout the week since the MRI news on Trent Williams was all on the ups (no structural damage to knee).