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Looks Like Someone's Got a Sixpack of the Mondays

1) Even the most optimistic of fans (like myself) could not have possibly said before the game that we were--in our present form--better than the Houston Texans. I thought we could win, yes. And I do not believe in good losses. However, of the many judgements that can be made of the Washington Redskins after yesterday's game, one of them is that we certainly should compete with some of the top teams coming up on our schedule. I couldn't have been the only one fearing a miserable stretch in which we scored maybe 10 points en route to losing 5 games.

2) Another judgement: where the F is our running game?

3) When we got the ball back in overtime, I just kept thinking, "This is why you have Donovan McNabb as your quarterback." Granted, he did not turn the ball over, but I really believed that we were going to get another 1st down there and get Gano closer. I can't call it a failure...but we failed to get that first down, didn't we?

4) Devin Thomas could have just as easily missed that deep ball in the end zone that Galloway should have caught. I think I would rather take my chances with Thomas. I have zero love for Galloway. I was very impressed with the improvement in overall wide receiver performance--426 yards passing will do that. This week's glaring wide receiver stat is surely the big donut in the TD column. With everything that Fred Davis, Chris Cooley and Donovan McNabb can do to open the passing attack, our wide receivers MUST score touchdowns.

5) I had a pretty good view of the touchdown catch Andre Johnson made over Reed Doughty. Would Kareem Moore have made a better play? I have no idea. But we do know one thing for sure: Reed has failed to shine in pass coverage as long as he has been here. The Texans really worked that well. Wes Craven should make his next horror film in DC and call it "Reed's In Coverage".

6) I hate the timeout rule. I have always hated it from afar, but now it has really bitten me in the keister. Let me get this order to win, you have to kick TWO 50+ yard field goals? That is not football. Am I just chewing on sour grapes? Please tell me. But from where I am sitting today, it doesn't seem fair to have a rule that makes you kick a field goal twice at the end of a game like that.

It was hard to just pick 6 of these today.