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Join Hogs Haven and Robert Henson Tonight for the NFL Kickoff at Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda


Alright everyone. It has long been our goal to do something for all the readers who have made us the most ghetto fabulous Redskins site on the internet. We have at least a few events coming down the pike that we will keep you all informed about.

But on Thursday, September 9th, Hard Times Cafe is hosting Hogs Haven for the celebration of the kickoff of the 2010 NFL season. Our good friends at Anheiser-Busch have generously donated kegs of beer, "Bud girls", and a lot of free giveaways.

That's right...they donated kegs of beer. We are insanely happy to advertise "Free Beer". Now, there is an end to the free beer (which is why we don't say "All-you-can-drink") but we feel pretty confident we can satisfy everyone's thirst with 5 kegs. SB Nation (our digital pimp) went out of their way to help us and provide ADDITIONAL kegs of beer. So come one, come all. The bar will have additional food and drink specials if you prefer not to drink the swill we are providing.

There is NO CHARGE to attend. In order for us to make the appropriate plans at the bar, we are using a free service for people to sign into and print out their own tickets. CLICK HERE to sign up for the party and print out your ticket to the event.

We are looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday night. Here's a map of the's walking distance to the Bethesda you have that going for you, which is nice.