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Washington Redskins Camp Journal with Robert Henson

One last entry from linebacker Robert Henson before the final preseason game. Today, he addresses the very real threat of being let go, as well as his desire to be on "Hard Knocks". Since he is travelling with the team, I would not expect he will be able to spend any time answering questions today, but we will talk to him soon.


It's Friday, August 27th, and we just played the Jets in our third preseason game. To be honest, I feel like we played an ugly game, but like the head coach preaches-the only thing that matters is winning. We would love to be perfect but we realize that nobody can be...especially with so many ups and downs during the course of a ball game. The Jets are a strong team and it was great playing against those guys, they really are one of the elite teams in the NFL. This game was not one of my personal bests, but I was productive while registering 5 tackles (one of those being a tackle for a loss) and a forced fumble. The most important tackle came on special teams. It's great playing for a coach like Danny Smith because he is a firecracker and always puts us in position to make plays. I am smart enough to know that I have to soak up as much knowledge as possible from him in order to help this team win and be productive until my opportunity comes to play defense.

So I know this may sound weird but it will be fun to be on "Hard Knocks", and honestly I think we should have it next year. I will say that it makes you a target in the NFL though because we were itching to play those guys and prove we were better. This next preseason game against Arizona will be a tough one on all the young guys, because we have to play on everything. For example, I am starting on defense and all special teams-I will rarely get a break. But who cares? I am ready to show people why I should be on this team, all the negative people and non-believers will see that even if it doesn't work for me on this team that I deserve to play in this league. It sounds weird but I am really not worried about being cut. I understand it's a business and that being cut doesn't define the player you are. I have seen lots of guys get cut two or three times and find a system that they flourish in and become Pro Bowlers. It is a hard process for the players and the coaching staff. Through the course of the off season and training camp you build relationships with guys and it is tough to see them leave. My Prime U brother Lendy Holmes was let go and it is going to be tough to come out of the locker room and not hear him getting ready. Well Redskins, fans I am going to try and get some rest on this plane. See you all on the other side of the final roster cuts one way or another!! HTTR