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The Thursday Line: We Put the "Meaning" In Meaningless

It's not like we are not going to watch this game. Of course we are going to watch it. If they played 20 preseason games, we would watch them all. We would be pissed as hell about it, but it would not stop us from breathlessly watching future UFL and Arena League players battling it out in the 4th quarter of a game that less than zero importance.

We are degenerate junkies and the NFL is happy to deliver a whole needle full of penalty-fests tonight. Bring them on. The Thursday Line is back, and this time we are featuring actual updated odds to discuss.

Over/Under of tonight's game: 37

I am taking the Over here. The Skins should be good for 14-17 points tonight at worst in my opinion. And the Cards are going to feature both Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart. Assuming Leinart gets extensive time against our backups, he should be able to direct a few scoring drives. Even though it matters not, I would love to see the kind of production we saw against Buffalo a few weeks ago. If Ryan Torrain gets going tonight like he did against Buffalo, watch out.

The Redskins are getting 6 points tonight...

Have I ever bet on a preseason line before? Yes. Did I feel kind of dirty afterward? You bet. Betting on preseason games is like betting on whether the Discovery building protester was going to detonate his bombs. There is next to zero rationale for any wager, but it beats betting how many cars are going to make it through the next green light outside your office window. I like the Redskins against this spread. I am confident that the Cards will score some points, but I have a suspicion that Shanahan is going to call more than a few deep bombs to test out our receivers. It says here we will have 2 or more touchdowns of 45 yards or longer tonight.

Ryan Torrain Over/Under Rushing Yards: 100

I think that even with Willie Parker getting a good amount of carries tonight, Ryan Torrain is going to bust out. I'll take the Over, and I will do it on the strength of his yards per attempt number. I don't see him banging out a 75-yard run, but I do see him scraping out 8-, 9- and 10- yard runs at a clip. He'll go over 100 in the 4th quarter and you will see the cameras settle on Willie Parker, with Joe Theismann saying something like, "There's a guy that will be looking for a job this weekend."

Your takes on these lines below, and feel free to start your own odds on anything game-related.