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Daily Slop: Rex Ryan Wins Trash Talk War vs DeAngelo Hall

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>> KSK 5 Best Moments From Hard Knocks (video)
Video clips of Rex Ryan jawing at Hall and Jets Coach Mike Westoff saying "F*CK THE REDSKINS!"

Rex Ryan: "Hey, tackle him at the line of scrimmage, you can't tackle him 50 yards down the field. Hey, you ain't here to tackle nobody, what are you talking about? That's why my brother got rid of your ass."

Ryan's brother Rob Ryan was the former D-Coordinator in Oakland.    

Ryan Torain & Justin Tryon Return To Arizona
Both played their college ball at Arizona State

Sports | Bears claim OL Edwin Williams | Seattle Times
The Chicago Bears have claimed offensive lineman Edwin Williams off waivers and waived running back Brandon Minor.

D.C. Sports Bog - Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones film a Papa John's commercial

Jaws, Gruden like Redskins, but only to a point | Washington Examiner

NFL tweaks umpire alignment rule | | The Indianapolis Star
The NFL will move umpires back to their old spots during the final five minutes of tonight's preseason games. Would the NFL do this if any other NFL QB complained? " Sign of things to come, Cutler calls offense ‘vanilla’
Cutler: "We’re not dialing stuff up when we could dial stuff up. So it’s kind of a cloak-and-dagger thing right now."