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Daily Slop: Shanahan Didn't Know Rule on Last Play; Orakpo's Workout Regiment; Video of Portis' Sealed Lips

Video: Mike Shanahan didn't know the Redskins game was over - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Danny Smith didn't know the rule either.

Brian Orakpo's Workout Is Predictably Impressive
Yea, you want to know what Orakpo's private, outdoor workouts entail don't you? It's impossible for you not to click this link.

NFL Videos: Lips are sealed
In light of Portis' comments regarding female reporters, Redskins RB Clinton Portis addresses the media as only he can.

Redskins Insider - Kareem Moore practices in pads, Haynesworth ailing
"[Moore] went through some drills. We'll just see how he does day by day," Shanahan said. "But he's getting better. Much improved."

The Defense Is 'Just Playing For Each Other', As Shown By One Play
Awesome collection of quotes from how the D makes sacrifices to make a play happen. - Video: Lady Gaga Fans Answer the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Question
This is awesome....Philly blogger asks ridiculously dressed Gaga fans who should be the QB.


Redskins Insider - Vincent Jackson's suspension could drop to four games
Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan would not rule out pursuing San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson on Thursday but noted that "we don't talk about people as well, for obvious reasons."

Report: Black Eyed Peas will play at halftime of the Super Bowl - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
At least the NFL is in the 21st century for once. I like the pick until I hear that god awful song "Let's get it started in here..."

NFL forbid Buffalo Bills fan from serving bowling ball shots at tailgate - ESPN
Cooking meat on the hood of his pinto?...this guy is an inspiration.

Jim Brown: Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgrem 'won't define my legacy' - ESPN
"No, I won't be going," Brown said. "My legacy won't be defined by Holmgren."

Dan Snyder vs. the Kennedys: It Has Hooters & Cigar-Bar Access, But Should it Have RFK's Initials? - Washington City Paper
Several weeks ago, the Redskins sent a mass e-mail advertising the RFK Standing Stomping Club...Nobody from the Redskins discussed the marketing gimmick with anybody associated with the Kennedys