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Latest Player Quotes Out of Redskins Park

The Redskins beat writers tweeted up their chats with Redskins players today...some interesting stuff. Here's the best of them.

Landry on missing a sack of Romo: "I went in there w/ too much aggression & was out of control." (@Rich_Campbell)

Well, they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Step 8 is the one where you apologize to all the people you harmed, right? The lack of discipline last year was my biggest gripe. He did have 17 tackles Week 1 so you won't hear me complaining, especially since he thought he should have had 30 of them.

Rabach on #Redskins staff knowing #Texans counterparts: "They have a really good understanding of what works against [Houston] defense." 

Fletcher on #Texans offense: "It obviously helps us having gone against this offense all of training camp, OTA and offseason." (@Smoke_Signals)

Who needs some Kool-Aid?? These coaches know each other extremely well, but the Redskins have the advantage of a new personnel group. Kyle will know how to game plan against does Kubiak game plan against McNabb, Shanahan, and 1 game of film? We'll find out....but handing the ball to Arian Foster often will be the early majority of it.

Devin Thomas: "It's my third year and I really wanted to be major part of this offense. I know I can be a major part."...I probably need to go talk to Shanahan and get that defining moment and see what's going on (@Smoke_Signals/@Rich_Campbell)

Devin Thomas on if he understands why he's not playing: "No, I don't." (@john_keim)

Well, this is certainly coming to head. Devin has to sit and watch WRs that are exponentially less athletic get all the reps...not to mention he's the only WR on the squad over 6 feet tall. Kyle Shanahan just added this quote which is laughable on so many levels.

Kyle Shanahan on Devin Thomas: ''We expect him to help us all year. Especially when he's dressing.'' (@granthpaulsen)

Yea, thanks, Coach.