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Start Your Watches on McNabb Extension; Tom Brady's Contract Details

First, let's recap what McNabb's current, expiring contract looks like via Rotoworld:

June 2009: Signed a two-year, $24.5 million contract. The deal contains $23 million guaranteed, including a $3.3 million roster bonus in the first year and $3.5 million of McNabb's 2010 base salary. Another $1 million is available through incentives.

2010: $5 million (+ $6.2 million guaranteed roster bonus due 5/5).

2011: Free Agent

So, McNabb made a little over $9 million last year with the Eagles and is making $5 million in 2010 not including that $6 million bonus. (Here it is in a nicer, chart form). Via the mothership, just posted the details of Brady's four-year contract extension from 2011-2014....

Signing bonus $16 million - $48.5 guaranteed

Base salaries
2010: $7.5 million (increased from $3.5 million from existing deal)
2011: $5.75 million (guaranteed for injury and cap)
2012: $5.75 million
2013: $9.75 million
2014: $9.75 million

Roster bonuses
$4 million
2012: $6 million
2013: $5 million
2014: $5 million

Workout bonuses
2012: $250,000
2013: $250,000
2014: $250,000

    When the Eagles extended McNabb in 2009, they put in a bonus for games played. I think that is a must for Bruce Allen. With Favre arguably in his last season, the temptation to go to Minnesota will be there, so in the game of poker, we know McNabb has at least a high pair. But with health concerns and having not won the big ones just yet, it's hard to give him MORE than Brady and Manning. Stay tuned. Given everything going on with the CBA and cap, I'm not going to pretend I know how this will play out.

    Rich Campbell has a great post breaking down McNabb's career numbers compared to Manning, Brady, and Brees. Check it out.