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Redskins Do What Wizards Can't; Send LeBron James Home from DC a Loser

Ken and I were at Fedex Field most of the day so I'm not sure how much the national broadcast covered of LeCrabDribble being at the Redskins/Cowboys game. It's already laughable that he's a native from Ohio and is a huge Yankees fan, but it definitely slid under the radar for me that he was a huge Cowboys fan. So, up-to-date, here's Lebron's team loyalty: New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State and the Miami Heat. Vomit. I guess the only thing left for him to do is wear a Sidney Crosby jersey to the Winter Classic.

What annoyed me was the pre-game taunt:

In DC for My Cowboys game tonight. Gonna be a lot of sad faces tonight in this area. Lol!!"

First, no heterosexual male should ever use "Lol." Ever. And if we're going to talk about crying's a picture to sum that up...which applies for every final playoff series he's been in so far.

So, what did native Kevin Durant have to say back??


Gotta love it. Hopefully John Wall can repeat that LeBron loss.