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Daily Slop: Wade Phillips Gets Blasted for Play-Calling; Redskins Shuffled OLine Consistently

Wade Phillips takes blame for end-of-half mistake | Dallas Cowboys Blog
"That's my fault before the half," Phillips said. "We should've taken a knee ... the right thing to do was go in 3-0 and we didn't do that. Now, you catch the ball with four seconds left you don't need to make an extra yard or two. Get down with the ball."

Cowlishaw: 'Really dumb' decision at end of half dooms Cowboys | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
"What are they thinking? There's absolutely no chance of scoring," Harrison said. "This has to be one of the dumbest plays I've ever seen."

Redskins Insider - Offensive linemen shuffled too
The bigger surprise Sunday night came on the other side of the ball, where the Redskins constantly shuffled their offensive linemen.

Instant analysis: Quick thoughts | Washington Examiner
Kory Lichtensteiger was in the game because Mike Shanahan views him as close to Derrick Dockery. He’s lighter and perhaps a little quicker to reach blitzes. Dock struggles at times in that area, especially on some stunts.

Redskins Insider - Albert Haynesworth says trade talks are no distraction
"I played okay," Haynesworth said. "I made a few tackles and did what I was supposed to do."

Brian Orakpo Wins The Game With A Holding Penalty
"The dude knew he couldn't just let him go by and get the sack," Phillip Daniels said. "He grabbed him. They did it all night, and even though he didn't get the sacks, those holding calls alone ... in my book, they're all sacks."

Week One's Jump to Conclusions Mat - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
The Cowboys did outgain you by 130 yards, they had seven more first downs, and your new quarterback only completed 15 of his 32 passes. A win is a win is a win, but let's not kid ourselves.

D.C. Sports Bog - Redskins-Cowboys, Best and Worst
LeBron James: "In DC for My Cowboys game tonight. Gonna be a lot of sad faces tonight in this area. Lol!!

D.C. Sports Bog - LaRon Landry: Skins sent a "big-time statement"
Landry, the fourth-year safety, finished with a career-high 17 tackles

Dallas Cowboys miscues - Peter King -
Barron had three holding penalties in the game's last 31 minutes, including one that nullified the winning touchdown pass by Romo to Roy Williams. According to, Barron's 78 penalties since the start of the 2005 season are the most in the NFL. Amazingly, Barron started his last two holding calls by corralling Brian Orakpo around the neck ... not even a semblance of trying to block him properly. Blogs " Blog Archive Kolb will start if healthy next week "

Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware says neck strain won't cause him to miss time - ESPN Dallas
"I'm glad it wasn't [a concussion]," Ware said as he walked toward the team bus after the game. "It's just a little tweak in my neck."