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Looks Like Somebody Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

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1. Suck it, Dallas

2. I said it at the time that Joe Gibbs would have left the points on the board. That was his rule, right? It is not that I didn't agree with or like the decision to negate the field goal, take the 1st down and try for a touchdown, but I was more than a little amazed at the end result. Joe Gibbs was in the house last night and you know he was thinking, "That is why you leave the points on the board." Taking that penalty and trying to put the ball in the end zone affected the rest of the whole game. You think it is just a no-brainer when you are confronted with that kind of choice. Again, it was not a bad decision. It was a big one though.

3. McNabb made plays that Jason Campbell would not have made. Notice I did not say plays that Jason Campbell was incapable of making. But Donovan McNabb is not a study in potential. He is the real deal. He looked a little rusty at times, which was to be expected after his layoff, but his poise and experience kept us alive numerous times last night.

4. Orakpo...yeah...uhhhh...we have our guy we are going to base our whole defense on I guess. From my seat in the stands, I focused on Orakpo on many plays and watched him work. He was everywhere. Can somebody who was watching it on TV please tell me that they were jocking Orakpo in the booth? I mean everyone had to have seen that, right? I watched him get held on countless plays last season and I was worried he was just not going to get the calls. Thanks to the magic of two refs behind the line, Orakpo is going to lead a yellow flag parade this season.

5. Do we have ourselves a kicker?

6. FedEex was loud. Real loud...right up there with some of the loudest moments over the last 10 years I have been going. I was not at the Virginia Tech/Boise State game, but someone said it was louder than that. I have a hard time believing that to be honest. If anyone was at both games, tell us what you think. In the standing room only section where people are encouraged to stomp and kick and beat on aluminum risers and plates, people were doing everything in their power to bring the stadium down. The plates by people's feet were being dislodged from their fixtures from the beating they were taking.