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Washington Redskins Camp Journal with Robert Henson

Robert Henson continues to fight for his rightful place on the 2010 Redskins defense. Here is his latest entry in his ongoing Camp Journal:

RH51: We have been in camp for a little over a week now...I'd be lying if I said we were not exhausted mentally and physically. The hits, the running, the weight lifting all take a toll on our bodies and our minds. But it's amazing how none of those things matter when we take the field and hear our fans cheering us on. Their energy becomes ours and each man digs a little deeper in order to make this season special. I wish I could tell you something amazing happened since I last wrote you, but honestly every day seems to be the same. Wait!! Never mind, the rookies have to entertain everyone for like ten minutes during the team meetings from here on out. Yesterday was the first of many to come, Riley, Paulson, Austin and Morris impersonated Galloway, Draft, Mcnabb, and Cooley. It was crazy Paulson impersonated the infamous "Cooley Shorts"! I can't go into much detail, but Mcnabb always tucks his shirt in and pulls them up to his belly button, he also got hit with a few Chunky Soup jokes!! The comic relief was much needed.   Ok so let's get to what's going on the field. The addition of John Beck has been interesting and honestly I love having him around! For one we are old Mountain West Conference rivals so you can imagine the smack talk--I cannot wait to pick him off! He threw one but unfortunately I dropped it. I'll get him though. Over these last few practices I have really been feeling more fluid in the defense. I feel a lot more comfortable in my role and what is expected of me. Staying late with some of the other guys, and critiquing each other's film has helped too. Like I said in the previous post we are all trying to help each other out and become a part of what will be a great season for the Redskins. My body is definitely adjusting to the regimen though, I haven't felt as tired lately and I am beginning to go to the next level of challenging myself more. We will be prepping for our first preseason game this Friday--these are the games that are important for guys like me and I plan on going out there showing them why they drafted me. Thanks to all the fans who came out for Fan Appreciation Day! I can't tell you great it is to see you guys out there!