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Open Thread: Russ Grimm Hall of Fame Induction

I'll make this kind of a Slop/Open Thread. Haynesworth as I'm sure you heard passed his test, but he called it a day early spending the day in a baseball cap with his knee wrapped. Larry Johnson and Fred Davis are having monster days. Homer McFanboy is predicting huge things for LJ who has not had a bad day yet. Graham Gano has also shined...I thought this last year and I'll re-iterate it again...Gano will be our kicker for many years. He's been kicking in clutch situations from the early days, including Florida State.

Ken and I have a big day. We're headed over to the Extreme Skins tailgate at the Hall of Fame now. We'll be podcasting with Mike Richman down on the field and post-ceremony, we'll be headed over to the Russ Grimm shindig that the Redskins sponsored for him. Since the induction is broadcast live, this can be the open thread. I'll be twittering if you want to follow that.