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Daily Slop: Cody Grimm Interview about Russ

Haynesworth MRI negative, will have to play through pain. Mike Furrey has a concussion.

Q&A with Cody Grimm, Russ's son [Tampa Bay]
Awesome interview about growing up with Russ. Love the quote when Cody in HS asked his Dad about a clipping call, Russ: '"Hey, when in doubt, lay him out!"

Fred Davis ready to dominate [CSN]
Shanahan predicts big season for Sleepy

Meetup schedule for Canton, Ohio [Extreme Skins]
Ken and I will be following these events. Any changes we'll update in the comments. I know Liger99 is in...anyone else?

Adam Carriker talks about his previous injuries [Homer]

Cooley makes an online collage for Colt & Yoder [Cooley Zone]
Only thing missing is the soundtrack to The Bodguard or that Green Day song ''Time of Your Life'

Devin Thomas and Carlos Rogers fight (almost) [Skins Blog]

Michael Irvin drops a classy line HoF weekend [Yahoo]
Talks about banging in his Hall of Fame jacket.

Cowboys' Marcus Spears sprains his MCL [Free Lance]
Out 4-6 weeks