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Snide Debate: Should the Redskins Carry 3 QBs?

Rick Snider has covered the Redskins since 1983. He's a columnist with the Washington Examiner. Read more at

Topic: Given McNabb's injury history, Rex's ineffectiveness history, and a patchwork (in the works) o-line that could still resemble an ongoing Oklahoma drill for the quarterbacks, it's as if this team is doomed to carry 3 QB's. I'd love to think that that extra spot can go towards keeping Torain on the roster or more depth on the D-line, but is that really possible or even smart?

Snider: Shanahan said he'll only keep two quarterbacks, which was a surprise. The Redskins have done it before, partly by stashing a rookie on the practice squad. I think that's what they'll do again this year and use the extra roster slot for an offensive lineman or receiver. Personally, I'd only keep two quarterbacks if you keep the third on the practice squad.

Kevin: If Rex and McNabb are the two QBs on the roster, you can't expect John Beck to sit on the practice squad and NOT get signed by another team. Shanny said he'd keep 2 QBs ONLY IF the third one doesn't warrant the spot. That was obviously the case with Bartel and Colt, but Beck changes things. He was a high 2nd round pick, who Kyle Shanahan coincidentally coveted out of BYU. I am more nervous about the depth on DLine than WR or OLine. Ma'ake and Haynesworth are already hurt. 

Snider: Ma'ake says he's 60 percent so maybe by opening day he's 75 percent, which will be as good as he gets once real play begins. Haynesworth's gonna be fine. D-line has plenty of ammo for now. I agree Beck is better than the usual third-stringer, but if someone offers him a full slot while on practice squad, the Redskins can do so then, too, if they feel he's worth it. But, with McNabb probably signing a three-year deal soon and Grossman the choice of the staff for backup, do you think Beck would ever start here? Only given two injuries. He's not really worth worrying about for now.

Kevin: The problem with Ma'ake was that last month he said he was 90%...obviously that was in workouts, but it's really discouraging. I think it's conceivable Rex Grossman gets challenged for the #2 spot, after all, he lost the starting gig to Kyle Orton, who improved over time, but was pretty horrific when he first won the #1 spot. If McNabb goes down and there's only Rex Grossman on the roster, I'll have to figure out something else to do on Sundays. Maybe we rent a tandem bike around DC or segway tours!?

With a patchwork OL that has no depth, I think you simply have to carry 3 takes time to learn this playbook. Obviously we'll see how Beck does the next 4 weeks, but if he does decent, I think you have to keep him.

Snider: I don't think Rex is as bad as you fear. Hopefully McNabb doesn't get hurt, but Rex isn't bad for a No. 2. Who do you want -- Manning? As for tours, I'll take you around the monuments and teach you some history. By the way, my Joey Galloway will catch 40 balls this year bet with you is looking good.

What do you think? (assuming Beck is a decent backup and there are banged up players like there are now the time to cut players comes up).