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Redskins Training Camp: Haynesworth is Regressing

So yesterday was as hectic as I can remember. The Snyder interview being posted, The Days of our Haynesworth drama,  and John Madden, Roger Goodell and Wale - all at Redskins Park. Here's a full summary:  

Roger Goodell confirmed his office has discussed Dr. Galea with Santana Moss.  Moss, when asked about such meeting, politely replied: "That ain't nothing I care to discuss." 

Long snapper Nick Sundberg had two straight low snaps and Kicker Graham Gano missed both FGs. The LS situation merits watching. [@Rich_Campbell]

Anyone have Ethan Albright's cell number in hand? Back to #92, if we can't talk sense into Albert, can the Commish?

Goodell talked to Haynesworth today. "Haynesworth understands. He wants to get out on that field." [@Smoke_Signals ]

Why would Haynesworth care what Goodell has to say? Dude just received $21 million and is doing the LITERAL bare minimum to keep it. So how did Goodell's talk go with the players?  I'm going to go head and predict it now....Haynesworth will never see a regular season snap for the Redskins again. You know what happens to players that are out of shape? They get hurt...REAL FAST.

No matter what Albert said to the fans - have had several people familiar w/situation tell me that the knee is not getting better & a persistant problem without rest or perhaps more. Problem is he's not getting any rest so swelling/irritation still there [@Russellmania09]
Mike Sellers: "Put it like this, when we left that meeting; we were not happy".  [@Russellmania09]

Eesh. The NFLPA has already told the players to prepare for a lockout. That's a bad sign, but as John Madden said today, "Let's focus on 2010 football." Speaking of, how's Rex looking?

Three straight deep attempts by Rex Grossman. Three bad misses. Footwork was awful on third effort. All were overthrown. [@HomerMcFanboy]

Awesome! Start bubble-wrapping McNabb now. Heyer actually saw action with the 1st team since Jammal Brown was side-lined (resting) from a hip strain. Ugh...2009 nightmares coming back. Heyer got worked over in case you were wondering. Jammal will be fine though. What about our OL draft picks?

Selvish Capers looked OK in one-on-one. He's got a foundation coaches can work with. [@Rich_Campbell]

I like it! Our 3 year backups can't hold their own, but a 7th round rookie who was once a Tight End can. Sounds like we finally have some brains in the scouting department.
Running backs??

Redskins FB Mike Sellers says Keiland Williams is the RB that has impressed him, saying he is a "brickhouse" [@Russellmania09]

Nice. Keiland is that speedster out of LSU.