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Snide Debate: What To Do With Malcolm Kelly? IR or Cut?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at and

Assuming Kelly's hamstring set back his him out for an extended time...what do you do with him? IR or Cut?

Rick Snider: I'd put Kelly on IR. What do you have to lose? You've already paid the money and keep his rights. Who knows, he may still prove something. Give it one more year.

Well, the Redskins put Colt Brennan (another Zornerrato pick) on IR after a minor injury and that didn't work out. I just don't see the point on putting him on IR. Even when healthy last year, Kelly did nothing to impress. He lost his starting job to Devin Thomas and even towards the end of the season, when 2009 was lost and Kelly saw ample time, he still failed to excel. Any WR who you're waiting to break out should have at least shown flashes. Maybe that WR hasn't put it all together consistently, but they've made a play. Kelly has failed to do that ONCE. There was the play in San Diego last year but he got caught from behind in what reminded me of a little league player running sideways looking back over both shoulders. I might be biased since he's a Cerrato pick, but it's time to move on.

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Rick Snider: The Redskins have no decent young receivers so keeping Kelly around one more year won't hurt because tall receivers with good hands are scarce. He was showing signs of improvement last year so maybe one more season will grow him into a keeper. If Kelly's hurt against next summer (or whenever the NFL resumes) or is a dud then cut him then. But the worst thing would be for Kelly to blossom elsewhere. That's the last thing the Redskins need.

You must be Vinny Cerrato's new racquetball buddy I've been hearing so much about. I'm not totally opposed to keeping Kelly, it's just that he had major injuries coming out of college. You come across as the kid that put his hand on the hot stove multiple times. As you said, the Redskins don't have much youth or speed...given Kelly's current health and speed (wen 100%)...he has neither anyway. Why pay him through the season and next for at best an average WR?

Rick Snider: Since Kelly's hurt you're already looking at an injury settlement until healthy, which is probably at least 4 weeks so go ahead and buy the remaining 12 to keep him off the market. This is a pure insurance move. It keeps Kelly away from competitors and buys one more look. You're not paying Kelly for 2011 because he can be cut then. Not to defend Vinny, but Kelly was a worthwhile second-round pick. The mistake was the Redskins already took Devin Thomas so they should have looked for another position instead of Kelly.

It was reported all the Redskins scouts said not to draft Kelly because of his knee problems, but Cerrato did it anyway. Not sure how that warrants a worthwhile 2nd round pick.

Rick Snider: They were blinded by his potential - a big receiver with great hands that could own the red zone. In theory, it wasn't a bad idea, but the wrong guy. The Redskins often ignored warning signs like injuries and off-field problems with past draft pick and free agent signings and it regularly burned them. But back to Kelly, you're already in for a penny so go for the whole dollar and put him on IR.

I guess this falls into one of those categories: "I could care less what they do with him." The thing is, even when he was healthy this week, he stated he learned how to run where it wouldn't hurt. Does that sound like a WR that can heal quickly?

Putting him on IR makes sense, but this is one of those movies where the ending is predictable. Perhaps he can get healthy enough next year to warrant a late 2012 draft pick. It had to be disappointing for a WR with a minor injury to go on the shelf for the whole season. Perhaps he would be opposed to it...we'll find out soon enough.