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Daily Slop: Teammates Say McNabb Will Play Week 1; Four Key Dallas Starters Returning - Teammates: McNabb will play
"He's a warrior," fullback Mike Sellers said. "He fights through stuff like that. He's all right. He'll be all right." Santana Moss: "I'm not nervous."

I Do Not Get It " Rams Gab
Rams fans are not happy about the Hall Davis for Dennis Morris trade.'s so nice to be on the winning side of a trade. Skins have worked the Rams over with Carriker as well.

Nick Sundberg And His Mom (And His Back Tattoo) All Know Long Snapping
We have a new contestant for worst tattoo ever.

Redskins Insider - Hall ready for Thursday, then season opener
DeAngelo Hall is eager to show off the full defensive playbook.

NewObserveror: Bradon Banks was once arrested in college
Not really  sure what possession of a stimulant entails....I'm still hoping he makes this team if he has a good showing in AZ.

Four key Dallas Cowboys starters ready to return after injuries - ESPN Dallas
Four key Dallas Cowboys -- Keith Brooking, Dez Bryant, Marcus Spears and Gerald Sensabaugh -- will return to practice Tuesday after extended absences due to injuries. RT Marc Colombo is expected to practice next week. Blogs " Taking sides in Cardinals’ QB dilemma
They have a Sonny/Billy thing brewing. Leinart is not helping his case bitching to the media like he is saying he 'outplayed the competition.'

Colts: New umpire positioning will slow us down - Yahoo! Sports
Polian: "I am dead-set against the penalty. It is insane. If I knew it would be this way, I'd have voted against it, and not only that, I'd have crusaded against it.''