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Malcolm Kelly Re-injures Hamstring; Dennis Morris Traded

Some quick notes from Redskins Park:

- Malcolm Kelly re-inured his hamstring which trainers called "a pretty good pull." Since he'll likely miss the last pre-season game, this leaves coaches with a tough decision. Does his size and youth warrant a spot to keep hoping for the best??

Mike Wise is reporting that Donovan McNabbwill start in the home opener.
Mike Wise posted this solely to make waves and retweets to get followers. Pretty uncalled for such a well-known journalist. His word is supposed to be gold. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn't realize that the same credibility laws apply to twitter as they do to speaking in an article.

- Dennis Morris was traded to STL for a conditional draft pick. Shanahan said he wasn't going to make the team, so I guess anything in return is a positive. Coach Shanahan then said: "Worst thing people do is keep a draft pick just to keep a draft pick." (Hello Jim Zorn)

- Doug Dutch, who the Redskins traded for QB John Beck, has been cut by the Ravens.