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Sal Paolantonio: McNabb Wanted to go to Minnesota All Along

Well, this is news I didn't want to hear, but makes sense. Sal Paolantonio, who is at Lehigh for the Eagles training camp, had this to say upon the Favre retirement news, which was passed on to me by SBN Eagles blogger:

McNabb wanted to go to Minnesota all along and I think that he won't sign a new deal in Washington so he can go to Vikings as a free agent next year.

Eh, we'll see. To me, this is like when you start dating a girl and then the hot chick that you've loved suddenly becomes single. I'm sure McNabb under his breath is saying, "Damn...that really sucks for me," but at the same time, he's been building relationships and a team here. It's clear players genuinely love Shanahan and the way things are run here. Time will tell...never a dull moment in the NFL. If McNabb doesn't get a deal done after Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's deals are done, then we'll know what his intentions are.

One thing is certain: If McNabb is a one and done and the Redskins lost 2 draft picks and a starting QB out of this gamble, it's going to be another long decade.