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Hogs Haven To Interview Dan Snyder

Get ready to hit the "Rec" button tomorrow everyone.


As Kevin mentioned in the Slop today, we scored a big one: we will sit down with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder this evening. In our interview tonight, we will focus our questions on Snyder's history as a Redskins fan (he grew up in the area rooting for the home team), his responsibilities as owner and the new direction the franchise seems to be going in.

While this will not be a re-creation of the interview the other day where Larry Michael and Larry Weisman literally asked the owner questions about the new HD video screens and how great Redskins fans are, this will not be a rough and tumble exchange either. We know that he will not talk about players or front office moves--those questions are currently being fielded by Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan. There is plenty for us to talk to Snyder about without every question having to be pointed or negative. It is our intention to be invited back to Redskins Park to bring our readers more interviews from inside that building. Long story short, don't butcher us just because we don't question Snyder as if he were Colonel Jessup and we want him to admit he ordered the Code Red.

With those thoughts in mind, please submit question ideas in the comments section below. Kevin and I will pick at least one to put to the owner this evening. all I want to do is ask Dan Snyder if he ordered the Code Red.

Wish us luck...if we do a halfway decent job, maybe Kevin's dream might come true and Dan Steinberg will transcribe the interview!