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Daily Slop: Dexter Manley Gives Sound Advice; Ma'ake Kemoeatu Is Not in Football Shape

Mike Richman, Dexter Manley, and Kenny just before filming.
Mike Richman, Dexter Manley, and Kenny just before filming.

In the taping of Burgundy & Gold magazine with Mike Richman, Dexter Manley and Ken Meringolo, a high school sophomore came up to the microphone and asked Dexter what advice he had for football at that early of an age. Dexter replied: "When you have sex, think about football."

HaynesworthGate Update: Won't be taking the conditioning test today (again)

Bobby Wade is an Antwaan Randle El at fraction the cost [Homer]
Of course, Randle El the Wide Receiver, who was decent.

Rabach on last year: "We were not an audibling team" [Sports Fix]

Ma'ake Kemoeatu only at 60%; Getting no push on line [WaExaminer]
Time to hit the panic button.

Ma'ake's goal coming into camp was to lose 40 pounds & get down to 340 lbs
I didn't realize he had gained that much weight his year off and was 380. He mentioned on ESPN 980 yesterday that when he goes to Hawaii he puts on 7-8 pounds, so Haslett decided to send Strength coach Ray Wright to work him out the week before camp and as a result he lost another 7 lbs.

91 year-old Redskins fan gets VIP treatment at camp [Skins Blog]
Meets with Redskins owner and Bruce Allen

Matt Millen: "I believe you'll see a better Roy Williams this year" []
This has to make any Redskins fan happy.