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Tiller's Dollars and Cents: Redskins Five Roster Cuts

Tuesday, August 31st looms large in the eyes of many roster hope-fulls around the NFL.  Coaches need to trim their roster size by 5.  The Redskins have some interesting decisions to make come this Tuesday.  We are pretty heavy in numbers at wide receiver, running back and corner.  I don't expect these cuts to be the worst of the worst, rather, guys who may have a good chance of catching on with another team before the season starts.   

1.) Joey Galloway - Yes he has played good, and yes he still has a little left in the tank, but where we are at right now, the Redskins need to start developing young talent.  Galloway was brought in to help mentor our young receivers, and he has done just that.  Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin, and Brandon Banks have all had good camps, and shown significant improvement throughout the preseason.  Galloway can no longer be asked to play special teams at this point in his career, so his value there is diminished.  It would be a class move for the Redskins to release him early, so he has time to catch on with another club if he intends to keep playing. 


2.)  Willie Parker  -  Clinton Portis is our starter.  By all accounts, Larry Johnson appears to be our number one backup.  Torain and Williams add some much needed youth to our rotation, and can play special teams.  Parker hasn't exactly lit it up in training camp, or any preseason game.  Much like the situation with Galloway, the Redskins should release him early, so he has the opportunity to catch on with another team.


3.)  Dennis Morris  -  Up to this point, Morris has not been able to learn the playbook, nor has he shown the ability to catch and block.  So, I ask you this, what does he have going for him?  Nothing.  It's time to move on without him.  If you come in unprepared, and show no improvement along the way, you do not deserve a spot on the roster.  Period. 


4.)  Byron Westbrook  -  Westbrook's time has come and past.  Barnes, Buc and Tryon have all played better than him.  He does not really seem to fit into our return game either.  Some team may take a chance on him as a special teamer, but I just don't see him being a quality NFL corner.  Nothing to see here folks. 


5.)  Ramzee Robinson  -  Has anyone heard anything about Robinson?  I sure haven't.  He may have some value to another team as a nickle/dime corner, or maybe even a return specialist, but the Redskins seem to have these spots already filled.  No room on the boat here.