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Daily Slop: Haynesworth Finally Getting It

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Portis sprains ankle but expected to be OK. 5 cuts must be made on Tuesday. 

Collection of Post-Game Quotes | Washington Examiner
Shanahan: "We still want to get better in the running game. It was a lot of work, a lot of effort. We surely don't have it down yet. I like the mindset we have."

Redskins Insider - Rex Grossman feeling comfortable in Redskins offense

Redskins Insider - Parker gets his shot, but Johnson shines
Larry's strong camp showing gets rewarded with more carries.

Redskins Insider - Doughty, Horton audition for safety job
Doughty finished with three tackles -- all solo. Horton finished with five total tackles, two solo, including one on special teams. 


Redskins Insider - Signs of a thaw between Haynesworth, Shanahan
"I still had that 4-3 mindset, trying to make plays and things like that," Haynesworth said. "I can definitely improve a whole lot but I didn't play horrible. I did [fine] for playing end the first time in a 3-4."

Redskins Insider - Darrel Young leaves the game with an illness
Fullback Darrel Young left the game with an illness. No further info available yet.

Kevin Kolb's scoreless struggles continue in Eagles win - ESPN
This was one of those preseason games that sent both teams home with plenty to work on.