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I Give the Redskins Standing Room Club Level Tickets the Tire Test

I've been getting some emails asking about the new standing room section at Fedex Field, so Ken and I wandered over into that section for the 3rd quarter of the Ravens game (Redskins Band side as you can see from this picture). Our first impression was the floor and walls (pics after the jump) are VERY loud. There's no way I can articulate how loud these things are. I mean, I'm not a heavy guy and some light stomping on the aluminum floor and smacking of the red walls resulted in a LOT of noise. The architects knew what they were doing when they built these. Imagine swinging a metal folding chair against an empty, aluminum trash can as hard as you can...but with this it's 1/4th the effort. Ken decided to give it a full smack, which garnered a synchronized turn and grin from PG County's finest. If these sections get packed with opposing Redskins fans, it's going to be a world of difference in noise.

Steinberg just posted the prices to this section, appropriately named the "RFK Standing Stomping Club." Week 1 versus Dallas runs ya $152.50 per.


These metal floors are off the ground but the edges sit on the cement...packing quite a noise.


The band is none too happy about being in the Club level, which I fully agree with. Seeing and hearing HTTR played on the jumbo screen was non-traditional as well. I'm not sure if these are their pre-season uniforms or not....hopefully so.


Cops were only here for about 5 minutes.