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Daily Slop: Sapp Rips Haynesworth (Again); Cowher Defends Shanahan; Beck Will Play

Redskins notebook, 08/24/10 | Washington Examiner
John Beck has hit a plateau but will see time. He is not practice squad eligible, but Bartel is. Dennis Morris is still suffering from a knee injury and looks lost as ever at TE.

Cowher: Shanahan on right side of Haynesworth feud - NFL - Sporting News
"Mike is doing what he needs to do and handling it real well," Cowher said Tuesday. "As a new coach there, he has to take the rest of his players into consideration."

Warren Sapp Sounds Off on Albert Haynesworth again -- NFL FanHouse
"Well, the check isn't going to change. And that's the whole key to this situation. He doesn't care how many plays he plays. The plays that I'm watching he's just jumping to one side ripping. I mean, he has no awareness of where the ball is. He doesn't care. So if we're talking about evaluation of his play compared to the check that he's getting, he knows what it is. 'I get eight plays and a big check, that's not bad.' It's wrong, though."

D.C. Sports Bog - LaRon Landry is enormous
Click for the picture. Ken told me he already ordered this shirt to wear at the Dallas tailgate. 

Redskins Insider - Joey Galloway watches, Anthony Armstrong catches
"I wanted to get some of the guys that I really haven't been able to evaluate, some of the younger guys and see how they do in game situations. I think I know how Joey has handled himself for a lot of years, playing in games."

D.C. Sports Bog - LaRon Landry's fake leg injury
With all the craziness after Saturday's scrimmage (Haynesworth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I forgot to mention my favorite in-game moment: LaRon Landry's fake injury...

High ankle sprain sidelines Seattle Seahawks rookie LT Russell Okung - ESPN
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says sixth-overall draft pick Russell Okung has a high right ankle sprain, putting the key position of left tackle in flux for Seattle heading into the regular season. Could be out months.

Jimmy Clausen told toe pain will linger during season - ESPN
Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen returned to practice Tuesday after missing a day with a sore right big toe, an ailment the former Notre Dame star expects to linger throughout his rookie season. Another point for Vinny!!!!!!!