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Seahawks Pass on Vincent Jack$on

Given the chatter on Hogs Haven about the Redskins' WR woes and possibly trading for Vincent Jackson, here's the latest.

Speaking on 710 ESPN this afternoon, John Clayton reported that Vincent Jackson and his agent were asking for a five-year $50 million deal with $30 million guaranteed, which was too much for Seattle.

 There's a lot of moving parts to this deal. First, Seattle is the only team that the Chargers have granted access for Jackson's agent to talk to. This implies that there's some players on Seattle's squad that they're interested in. The Chargers reportedly want a 2nd round pick back, which the Hawks are happy to hand over. The 'Hawks, however, do not want to spend that kind of loot, so it's back to the drawing board for the Bolts. Time is off the essence here because Jackson's suspension increases September 4th

If Jackson reports to a club before the Sept. 4 roster-reductions then he will only face a three-game suspension. If he doesn't then he's looking at a six-game suspension even if he is traded, reports the NFL Network.

To put things in perspective, Brandon Marshall got a 4-year $47.5 million deal with $24 guaranteed, which is $7.5 mil more than Larry Fitzgerald makes. If the Redskins were to give up their 2nd round pick, that means they'd only have their 1st, 5th, and a bunch of late picks in 2011. Should they do it?!? Come on Bruce...I thought you said the future is now?!  Personally, I wouldn't complain if they brought in Jackson, but we're not 1 WR away from winning a Super what's the point? Plus, we know first-hand what happens when you front-load a player's contract.

I really can't handle another draft day where the Redskins have 1 pick the first two days. If that does happen, I'm going to the Caribbean for the weekend.