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Daily Slop: McNabb Tells All in GQ; Orakpo's Brother Wants to Blow Up Too

Redskins notebook, 08/23/10 | Washington Examiner
Keiland Williams impressing as RB, but not on Special Team, Shanahan said Kelly is not liking Kelly's chances of playing vs the Jets and that a hamstring injury this long is 'unusual', and Nick Sundberg saved his LS job (for now). - 'Other' Orakpo shines - page 1 FLS
Colorado State freshman linebacker Mike Orakpo wants to be just like his famous older brother, Brian Orakpo.

Donovan McNabb Helps Us Make Sense of His a) Wildly Successful, or b) Oddly Disappointing NFL career: Sports: GQ
Great GQ interview where McNabb talks about the Mayor trying to prevent Eagles from drafting him, T.O. feud, how he never threw up in the Super Bowl,

HomerMcFanboy " Ravens playlist
Cooley was drinking Coke on the sideline of the Ravens game and thought about throwing a ball at a Ravens player during the game.

Bears add insurance with QB Todd Collins :: The SouthtownStar :: Sports
His 2010 base salary is over $1 million ($855,000 is the veteran minimum for a player with his experience) and guaranteeing him at least $150,000, whether he makes the final roster or not. Dan LeFevour obviously is not cutting it as a #2.

NFL Sunday Ticket to be available on internet, sans DirecTV - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports

Tony Romo Is Banging A Former Cowboys Intern Who Can't Subtract
When asked, "What is 23 minus 17?" "Um… five?"