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Looks Like Someone's Got a Sixpack of the Mondays

1) Let me be very clear: I have no sympathy for Albert Haynesworth, and short of a miracle, that will not change. However, Shanahan needs to be a little careful because at some point he could turn Haynesworth into a sympathetic figure. I simply don't know how that could happen anytime soon, but I did hear at least a few calls on the radio this weekend that were actually sympathetic to AH (one was a female caller). Personally, I can't get enough of Shanahan putting Haynesworth in his place. I also don't think Shanny cares at all if anyone feels sorry for Albert. My main concern is if guys in the locker room would ever turn on Shanahan as a result of this. Does it matter? Shanahan has a history of holding his ground, and to be fair, that is something we need in this franchise. What I find laughable today is that Haynesworth continues to talk up his own personal trainer and workout regimen. I mean, he may have lost a few pounds, but come on...he did not report to training camp in great shape. Is he that dumb?

2) Trent Williams got a real taste of the NFL against Terrell Suggs on Saturday night. I spent some time watching that matchup and while Suggs did not beat him 100% of the time, it at least appeared to me that T-Sizzle had his way with the rookie. On 3rd and 1 in the 1st quarter, Suggs bull-rushed Williams 5 yards behind the scrimmage. Larry Johnson was unable to get the first down on the ground. Suggs is one of the best in the business and he was clearly enjoying his assignment. I had the opportunity to watch the Baltimore broadcast of the game and they did a sideline interview with Suggs and McGahee late in the game. Suffice to say, Suggs was feeling his oats. He had the body language and attitude of a guy who was still waiting for someone to step up and give him a challenge before the night is over.

3) If both the Redskins and Fred Davis are going to be serious about Sleepy's role on special teams, we could be in a for a real treat this season. Now, there is nothing to suggest that Davis won't play teams for the foreseeable future. Whenever Fred is on the field, he is likely to be one of, if not the most, athletic dudes out there. He made a great tackle on punt coverage on one play where I was watching only him. We know that Davis is good enough at tight end to play that position, but with Cooley healthy and quickly becoming a favorite of McNabb, special teams could be a place where Fred Davis dominates for the Redskins. I am looking forward to seeing him run down the field on September 12th and demolishing poor Cowgirls players all night long.

4) John Harbaugh told a Baltimore sideline reporter that the Redskins knew the fake punt was coming. It was very well blocked by the Baltimore punt team and they just about put the ball in the end zone. I wonder if we really "knew" it was coming? After the play was over, the whole stadium kind of shouted, "Zorn!" the way Jerry Seinfeld used to angrily say the word, "Newman!" I will say this for Harbaugh: I 100% believe he will make that same call in the regular season, and just as in this meaningless scrimmage, it will be the difference in the game.

5) I was engaging in a very fun debate with a Ravens fan for much of the 1st half. After agreeing that we both wanted this game to be magically tranported to the middle of November when things are on the line, he expressed a lot of doubt on whether or not McNabb was going to help us at all. On the spot, I called McNabb one of the best 3rd down quarterbacks in the business. As if on cue, McNabb hit Santana Moss deep down the field on a 3rd down play. The pass was accurate but the ball was jarred loose when a Ravens safety put a pretty good lick on Moss. There is a certain sense of confidence I have on 3rd down that I did not have last season. McNabb is going to keep drives alive using his experience and savvy all year long. THAT is going to be fun.

6) Zack Bolno, former Redskins PR man, was abruptly fired this weekend. Zack was great at his job and did his best to accommodate schmucks like Kevin and I. That is even more impressive given how well-respected Zack is in the sports media community. Good luck, Zack. We have no doubt you will be gainfully employed very soon.