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Washington Redskins Camp Journal with Robert Henson

I received the latest entry from linebacker Robert Henson shortly before kickoff on Saturday night. His spirits are up and when I read his contributions I really get the sense that guys want to be part of something here in D.C. Be sure to ask Robert questions below in the comments section. We look forward to hearing his take on how things went against the Ravens.Keep up the good work #51.

RH51: Today is August 20th, I just left the Welcome Home Luncheon and now I am on my way to the team hotel. The luncheon was amazing but let me catch you up because it's been forever since I talked to you all. Last week we played our first preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. We played a great game and the score definitely reflected that. The whole team and staff were excited because it was our first opportunity to show you guys what we had been working so hard to put together since March. The competition at linebacker is real-guys like me are giving it their all to be on board this vessel and show we belong here. I have a lot of pre-game rituals. I'll share one: before I take the field I pray and promise my brother I'll give everything I have in his honor. I think each of us played well. Perry Riley and I had a friendly competition going to see who would get the most tackles. He really got out to an impressive start, playing the 2nd and 3rd quarter; he made 5 tackles and a sack. The 4th quarter was the only time I had to display my ability to run the defense and I personally was pleased with the results! I racked up 5 tackles and a sack also!! It's funny because we were able to challenge, as well as congratulate, each other on every good play throughout the game.

I know some people must be wondering why tell him good play when it's obvious you're competing? Honestly speaking everyone in the LB room gets along and it feels like you're hanging with your brothers. Fletcher and Draft might be the father figures (haha)...we learn so much from those guys. Draft has really "taken me under his wing" so to say and has grown me up mentally.  

Enough about the past let's talk about the Baltimore Ravens, one of the better teams in the NFL. These guys are good and play hard, they always give us a good game and we owe them from last year. Battle of the Beltway is what we call it. This game is also special because I have quite a few friends who play for Baltimore, like my TCU teammate and fellow linebacker Jason Phillips. Tune in and watch us go at it tomorrow night! HTTR