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5 Winners from Redskins Training Camp

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Redskins training camp officially ended yesterday, and at this stage, I think as Redskins fans we can say the team is better now than we could have ever hoped. There are still some lingering concerns to iron out the next couple weeks, but several guys used the last month to either solidify their roster spot or make a strong case for it. Without further ado...the winners (H/T BGN)...


5 Anthony Armstrong

Throughout the early parts of camp, there were constant tweets and daily write ups that Armstrong was continually making impressive catches. He of course carried that strong play into his first game against the Bills putting his hard work on film. It should be noted Armstrong had a strong showing at Miami's camp last season and failed to make the team, but in a Redskins WR corps that's failed to impress, Anthony did just that...and most importantly in game time.

Shanahan: "Anthony has done a good job. He does have some speed, he's made some very big plays." 

4 Brandon Banks

Last season was the worst KR/PR year I can remember as a Redskins' fan. We hoped to strike gold with guys like Anthony Alridge and other no namers last year, so it's safe to say we didn't think Banks would do much. The former standout Wildcat came into camp as an undrafted free agent with a high-school type frame of 5'7 151 lbs soaking wet. Banks has shown many flashes as a WR and of course his 77-yard score against the Bills validated his chances of winning the PR job.

Shanahan: "That's what camp's about - giving people an opportunity to make plays. I can't say that it surprised me at all with the way he has played, not necessarily as a returner but as a wide receiver. He consistently makes plays; he has great speed, cutting ability and an excellent set of hands."

3 Kareem Moore

It's rare that fans are right over coaches, but we all knew Landry should have been moved to Strong Safety by the BYE week if not sooner. Moore had a great camp last year, but he has double-downed this year making interception after interception as the 1st team starter. His on-field knowledge has finally caught up with his physical skills, and the NFL will certainly know who he is after this season.

Haslett: "He's athletic and he's big, he's 215 pounds. He can run. He's a playmaker. Ball magnet."

Steve Atwater: "The guy's got great body control. He has great ball skills in terms of accelerating to the ball. He's made some great plays here in camp."

Steve Jackson (Safeties coach): "He's just letting it go - going out, playing with confidence and just going out and showing everybody his abilities. I mean, it's just part of maturation of the player. You know, guys come in and they're great football athletes but once they begin to pick up the nuances of the game, they become players. And there's a big difference between a player and an athlete."

2 Larry Johnson

The signing of Johnson came with mixed emotions from fans given his checkered past. In an interview with the Washington Post, Johnson and his father talked about his mistakes and now 30 years old, with a new baby, he's finally matured. Over the summer we've certainly seen that. He finishes every run in practice and his hard-work has impessed every beat writer for the Redskins clamoring to add him in your fantasy drafts. Note taken.

Shanahan: "Larry is a physical runner who will be a great addition to our backfield."

1 Trent Williams

It looks as if Shanahan continued his homerun streak drafting first round Tackles. In the much debated discussions on this site of Okung vs Trent Williams, how can any fan not be pleased with his progress? He's a self-imposed film room junkie and has earned praise from the entire team.

Shanahan: "Trent is quick and he's powerful ... a great athlete. He could fit any type of offensive scheme. Anytime you have a guy who runs a 4.8, is 315 pounds and is great with his zone blocking, he could also be very good with the power scheme."

Orakpo: "Trent is a beast and will be a great player for us this season."


Honorable mentions go to Graham Gano, Lorenzo Alexander, Carlos Rogers, Byron Westbrook (who looks like he'll win the roster spot from Tryon according to John Keim), and of course all the regulars (Fletch, McNabb, etc).

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