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Snide Debate: Who Needs to Step Up More? Kareem Moore or Devin Thomas?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at the and

"Who's more important to the team in terms of stepping up...Kareem Moore or Devin Thomas?"

Snider: Devin Thomas is more important. Kareem Moore has improved tremendously over camps and will be a decent player, but there are playmakers around him to compensate if he has a bad game. Thomas doesn't. Thomas will be a 40-50 catch player this season, but the Redskins don't have a third receiver to bail him out if playing poorly.

Kevin: As crucial as it is for Thomas to step up, the Free Safety position is much more important. If a team wants to be a Super Bowl contender, you gotta have a play-maker there. Troy Polamalu, Bob Sanders, Ed Reed, Darren Sharper, Rodney Harrison, John Lynch...all 1st class safeties and huge reasons for those teams' success. Look no further than the 2009 Redskins to see how a poor Free Safety affects the teams. Drives are extended and lack of turnovers wears a team down. Devin Thomas is definitely needed, especially if Moss goes down, but Kyle Shanahan can exploit mismatches with Moss, Portis, Cooley, Davis, and the slew of other WRs. 

SniderBut if Moore makes mistakes, and he will, then the corners can compensate. If Thomas makes a mistake, it's a wasted play or a turnover. Your side is about avoiding negatives and mine's about finding positive plays. Without Thomas playing well, the defense rolls over on Moss just like they have the last two years and goodbye long passing game. 

Kevin: Kareem is the last line of defense. There's no one behind him, so if he makes a mistake, it's a TD. Frankly, we need our offense to do well. The more drives McNabb has the better, and the way Kareem has been intercepting balls in camp so far, he can be a big part of making that happen. Shanahan can always rotate guys in and out and make adjustments based on the D he's facing. You can't do that with a Free Safety. Check. Mate.

SniderIf you're so quick to grab the check, lunch is on you next time. You can wipe some of that egg off your face from once saying I was nuts for backing Galloway in our early debates.

Well, the bet was Galloway would have 30 catches, but I think my under is still looking good.