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Redskins Training Camp Day 5 Recap

Shanahan made a comment after practice today that the first week of camp is "chaotic", so read into these updates as you want. I really could care less about Haynesworth because let's be honest, he's not making it through this season healthy. Haynesworth ran three 25-yard shuttles this morning before he had to stop due to knee irritations.

From what it looks like, Rex has a comfortable lead over Colt Brennan as the #2 QB, and in which case Shanny will only carry 2 QBs, which makes sense. Why use an extra roster spot on a below average QB?

Shanahan still confident Haynesworth will pass and get in "football shape." Noted how he posted good time on his first sprint last Thurs @RickMaese 

Shanahan on whether this Haynesworth conditioning thing could eventually just be bagged: "Possibly." @Rich_Campbell

Shanahan very impressed by Portis and Rex so far. Says Larry & Willie came in great shape. @Russellmania09

Landry and Rogers blitzed from.different sides on an 11-on-11 third down play. It helped force an incompletion. @Rich_Campbell

Kevin Barnes pulls down Larry Johnson on a run to the left. Impressive tackle by Barnes on a big RB. @RedskinsDotCom

Grossman underthrows another deep ball, this one intercepted by Tryon. Grossman has had a good camp so far, but the arm strength isn't there @Rich_Campbell

Shanahan on if Portis can still break long runs; I sure hope so;if not he won't be our RB. @john_keim

Shanahan says Portis is weighing about 218 pounds. He's looked good. Portis said earlier he's pleased with line in front of him  @RickMaese

OL coach Chris Foerster on the state of the unit: "It's a process." @Rich_Campbell

It's nice that we no longer have a QB controversy, so I guess we can make one for the RBs. So many of us, myself included, have said "Portis is done." It might just be possible that it was Gibbs' mistake to beef him up as a Riggins' type of RB, which failed further in Zorn's WCO and Cerrato's negligence to build the Oline. Just like we say for most of our players each year, "this is their last year to make or break."