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Daily Slop: Positivity at Redskins Park Continues Despite Haynesworth-gate

Haynesworth sat out the conditional test this morning
(he was on the field with a helmet, but no pads)

Picture of Terrell Davis coaching in Redskins attire [facebook]

London Fletcher thinks team's depth is really good [csn]

Haynesworth snubbed from season tix covers [bog]

Darnell Dockett continues to mock Haynesworth [WaPost]

LaRon Landry leg things to prevent cramps [Skins Blog]
Anyone who thinks the training staff is still not competent, read this article.

Reporters attempt Haynesworth's conditioning test (and pass) [Bog]

Fedex Field video board area 3D-ready [Bog]

Romo has soreness in his throwing arm [espn]

Amazingly awful Redskins tramp stamp [facebook]