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Redskins Training Camp Journal With Robert Henson

Our good friend Robert Henson is fighting for a roster spot out in Ashburn. Here is his first Camp Journal entry for August. Good luck #51! *(To the extent possible, Robert will be hopping online to participate in the debate in the comments section--so toss a question or two his way.)

RH51: It's been three full days of camp so far and you can already feel the camaraderie in the locker room. Everyone is determined to do their part to make this team the best in the NFL . Our first day we had our meetings, that kind of gave us an overview of what we could expect for training camp, there is such a hands on approach with the staff, they have  very clear expectations and plans for not just 2010 but re-writing the history of the Skins.  You can actually feel the excitement in the building. This year everything we do is about business. No time for playing around, no time for egos, just time to play ball. This ship is moving full steam ahead and you can get on it or get left.

Thursday's practice was interesting, it rained out here at Redskin Park and for a minute there we weren't sure that we would be able to practice, but the moment we stepped outside and saw all the fans standing through the rain waiting to see their Skins our determination went through the roof! The Skins really do have the best fans in the NFL. In the rain, through the mud, they were there to get a little taste of what they could expect this year.

Friday was the first "normal" day of camp, all the guys had to stay at the hotel, and first thing in the morning we dressed and hit the field. I remember last year thinking it could be a lot of pressure to have so many people watching you practice but it's actually not, its motivation. You see all the fans their smiling, cheering, and catching on to the excitement that we have been building all off season. Usually after practice we shower, have lunch, try to catch a cat nap, and then it's back to meetings and walk-thru.  Sometimes you'll see some of the vets helping the young guys fully understand a play or call that was made in practice. No one wants to be left behind on what is sure to be an awesome year.

Some of the guys have enjoyed being back to work since they don't have to do any housework or "daddy" duty; of course I am not one of them (my wife reads this blog).  Seriously though, spending so much time with each other really only makes us more of a family, which translates on the field.

 I have to give a shout out to Ken and all the guys at Hogs Haven. I am going to get better at posting and I definitely will try to answer as many questions as I can.  I just had to adjust to my new wake-up time.

 That's all I can type right now, I have to try and catch some Zzzzzzzzs before my roommate falls asleep he snores LOL! (No names though)