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Fat Albert Missing 3rd Straight Practice with Dehydration

What a way to spend the last day of training camp - on the sidelines. Haynesworth for the 3rd day in a row won't practice because of "dehydration." I went to to get the medical treatment for dehydration:

You can usually reverse mild to moderate dehydration by increasing your intake of fluids, but severe dehydration needs immediate medical treatment. The safest approach is prevention of dehydration. Monitor your fluid loss during hot weather, illness or exercise, and drink enough liquids to replace what you lose.

That last line is what gets me. Haynesworth has sat out practices before even attempting them. How does one get dehydrated when they exert zero energy? To Haynesworth's defense, maybe he is doing weight room work, but that can't be a reason for dehydration since it's air-conditioned and there are water fountains everywhere. I mean, not even 5 minutes on the practice field?

Perhaps Haynesworth is a nut for yard work. After a grueling practice of film study, he puts 3 hours into yard work each day...with one of those old school, blade-only, push mowers. I can picture him now: towel on head, on one-knee, trying to scoop and bag grass.

What's so hard about giving this guy an IV bag? Rock-stars have to be 30 times more dehydrated than football players. They're on stages with fire and are hydrating with bourbon and cocaine, yet they go out the next day no problem!

OK, ok, he's 340 pounds. I get it. Fat guys are more prone to this. But really? You don't think something stinks in all this mess? Perhaps the knee is acting up again. I can't imagine how Zorn would be handling all this, but Shanahan is doing the right thing just down-playing. I'll hold judgement until the Ravens game but dehydration from standing on the side of a field for 3 days with a top-notch training staff at his disposal doesn't add up.