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Cowboys Kyle Kosier Sprains MCL; 2 Cowboys Starting OL Likely Out for Opener

Remember that link I posted a couple days ago from the Football Outsiders predicting the Cowboys wouldn't go .500 this year? Here's a quick snip it again:

"The Cowboys will have 7.5 wins this season...They have an extremely old offensive line, even with the arrival of Doug Free at left tackle. Old offensive lines like that tend to collapse, with a combination of injury and decline in performance.    

And here we are not even half way through training camp. Marc Columbo (31 years old), the Cowboys Right Tackle, recently had his knee scoped which revealed some cartilage damage. 

"It can range from minimal damage where Colombo's still good for a while, or he may be at the point where this could affect him all year long."

That doesn't sound promising at all. Columbo's backup is Robert Brewster, a 3rd round Tackle out of Ball State, who missed all of his rookie season last year after tearing his pectoral muscle.

Left Guard, Kyle Kosier (31 years old), who injured his knee on August 5th, revealed that he has a sprained MCL, which has him out out 4-6 weeks and very much in question for the Redskins home opener. 

With Kosier out, Montrae Holland will take over at left guard. Holland returned to practice this week after missing time in camp with a hamstring injury. He was inactive for every game last year but signed a two-year deal this off-season.

It should be noted that Kosier went down in the 2008 pre-season with a foot injury, so the Cowboys traded with the Broncos for Holland. Holland played well in 2007 (his rookie year) and the two games he played in 2008, but he was inactive all of last season. I can't help but think of the Redskins 2009 OLine with all this...the only difference is the Redskins at least made it out of pre-season before disaster struck. Who's next? Either looks like Romo needs to watch his back.