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The Revolution Viva's On: Redskins Fans Seeking Redskins Fans

As if we weren't going to re-viva the Revolucion!

Here at Hogs Haven, we do our best to promote the exchange of Redskins tickets among Redskins fans. The last thing we want to see is tickets end up in the hands of Dallas, Philly, or New York fans. There is just nothing fun about going to root for the Skins and having to sit next to an idiot in an Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin jersey. To me, what hurts the most is the thought that a diehard Redskins fan was potentially responsible for the Cowgirls moron in that seat. As a person who has been going to games for 10 years now, I know full well that selling Redskins tickets for what you paid can be hard at times. Everyone must look after their families and their wallets in the way that makes the most sense for them. I just believe that every effort MUST be made at the individual level to ensure that when you can't go to the game, a Redskins fan takes your place.

And so, with the season bearing down on us, I introduce "Redskins Fans Seeking Redskins Fans". Please remember, we are not a ticket broker, and we do not have any intention of becoming one. But there must be a way for us to do more than just decry the practice of unknowingly selling your tickets to fans of the opposing teams on StubHub, or other ticket sites. So we decided to start a grassroots effort where Hogs Haven members could trade tickets with each other.

You have probably noticed FanPosts from members going up recently that deal with this very issue. We thought it would be a good idea to consolidate the efforts of all of our members into one place on a weekly basis that could help with the exchange of tickets among Redskins fans.

The rules are simple: If you can't go to a game and you feel strongly about making sure that a fellow Redskins fan takes your place, use the comments section of this post to find a willing taker. At no time can a ticket be offered on our site for one cent above face value. Listen, I get that certain games are worth more than others. Everyone understands that. But don't come here looking to cash in on the emotions of the best fans in all of sports.

Additionally, don't negotiate on this site. All of that can take place between the buyer and the seller offline. Our goal is very, very straightforward: to make at least a small dent in the attendance of opposing teams' fans on Sundays (or Monday nights....cough, cough) by matching up Redskins fans with Redskins fans. We have no interest in being involved on the business side of this. We have no desire to profit from people buying and selling tickets. We just want as many Redskins fans at FedEx as possible. To that end, I don't think it is too much to ask that an interested buyer should have to answer some kind of Redskins trivia. Cowgirls fans are sneaky and Steelers fans are resourceful. Eagles and Giants fans...well let's just say I am not as concerned.

You can probably assume that more rules will be introduced as we are walking a bit of a tightrope here. In the meantime, thanks for your continued support of our efforts to prevent an embarrassment of nationally televised proportions from ever happening again.