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Daily Slop: Dockery a Rock for Trent Williams; Carlos Rogers Blowing Up in New System

Redskins no AM practice due to weather. Practice now at 2 p.m. and open to the public.

Dockery Providing Helping Hand - Left tackle Trent Williams' transition to the NFL is being aided by veteran left guard Derrick Dockery among others. - Darrion Scott, the former UFL player with Haslett last year, making noise in winning backup LDE roster spot.

Costas interviews Shanahan on Sunday Night Football | - Make sure to stay tuned half-time of Vikings/Niners game

Redskins Insider - Carlos Rogers embraces role in Redskins' 3-4 defense
Los: "I done gotten so many picks this whole training camp. It's just totally different."
Bob Slowik: "He's such a hard worker. He really goes into the room, the classroom, and prepares mentally."

Redskins Insider - Position shuffle no problem for Dennis Morris
Redskins originally wanted Morris to backup as Sellers as FB, but with LB Darrel Young getting a shot there, Redskins have moved Morris back to TE...where depth is extensive. 

LaRon Landry's House is Nicer than Yours
A lot of LSU throughout his decorations.

Wizards star John Wall says he’s a Cowboys fan | Ben Maller
"I got to stay with the Cowboys because I can’t switch teams, but I’m going to support D.C. no matter what. I’m in between. I’ll be cheering for both of them, but I won’t let anybody know.”

D.C. Sports Bog - Jim Zorn talks about his return to Washington
Jim Zorn talks about his return to DC. Has not spoken with Snyder since he was canned.

Todd Collins reportedly turned down the Chicago Bears' offer - ESPN Chicago
With no signing bonus, Todd Collins reportedly turned down the Chicago Bears' offer to be a backup quarterback.

Report: Scientists find connection between head injuries, Lou Gehrig's disease - ESPN
Scientists have found evidence connecting head injuries in athletes to Lou Gehrig's disease, according to a report to air on HBO's Real Sports on Tuesday night.