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Daily Slop: Other Teams Inquired About Devin Thomas

Malcolm Kelly is frustrated just as much as we are if not more [Skins Blog]

WR situation already settled? [WaPost]
Redskins will likely carry 6 WRs (though Shanahan said that is not definite)...go ahead and ink Galloway in. Other teams inquired about trading for Devin Thomas...the fact the Redskins didn't trade him probably locks his spot. Jason Reid goes on to say "it seems Kelly, Williams and Armstrong may be fighting for the final spot."

Willie Parker making some moves on the depth chart [Insider]; Up to #3. 

Redskins might be the freshest team in the NFL [WaExaminer]
With all the off-season work outs, Shanahan has nixed the two-a-days and players say they feel great.

Ladell Betts signs 1-year deal with Saints [espn]

Redskins Rides this Sunday at Redskins Park [Redskins Rides]
Easterns Motors along with several Redskins and their whips will be there.

Eli Manning's gaffe leaves him bloody [nydaily]

Brian Westbrook signs with 49ers [LATimes]

Kurt Warner and Jim Mora join Fox broadcating [espn]

Brandon Jacobs talks sh*t after beating Jets [GGN]
Even though his QB was bloodied and the Jets 1st team outscored the Giants.