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Daily Slop: Jarmon on the Bubble; Redskins Could Get High Conditional Pick if Move Haynesworth

Redskins could get back a conditional 2nd/3rd round pick if they move Haynesworth [Redskins Gab]
If this is the case, it's an easy decision. Get rid of him. We need the picks. And you know he's going to be hurt multiple games anyway.

Brian Westbrook will announce his decision on Monday [EaglesGab]
Brian of course lives in Waldorf, MD. From rumors I've heard, he was picking the Redskins. Of course the Broncos just lost their top 2 RBs to injury for at least the rest of the pre-season, so I'd imagine it's going to be DEN.

Kareem Moore poised to break out this year [Skins Blog]
I remember last year, Kareem had an amazing camp and was all around the ball. Another year under his belt - especially with the 1st team...expect some big hits and plays from this kid.

Either Jarmon or Holliday are losing their job [CSN]
Devestating blow if Jarmon is cut and the Redskins essentially gave away their 3rd pick from this draft. The lingering ACL injury might be his downfall.

Andy Reid Banning Fan Attire = An Eagles Team with Issues [CurlyR]

McNabb on playbook: "It's a growing process. We know that everything isn't going to be where we need to be for Dallas, but that's why we play the preseason, to kick the rust off a little bit and kind of get our timing and chemistry where we need to be." [BuffaloNews]
In short, expect some mistakes tonight.

Rabach: "Artis Hicks is a really smart football player" [WaPost]
That's great, but Artis is getting PUSHED BACK in camp. Keep an eye on Hicks tonight.

Redskins players talk about being older than Kyle Shanahan [Bog]
Dockery of course was his teammate at Texas...and still calls him "Kyle."

Cowboys start off 2010 where they left off in 2009. Red Zone blues. []

Football Putsiders predicts Cowboys won't win 8 games [SportsDay]
And they predicted this before last night. They also predicted Shanahan would be fired in 3 years, but they make some valid points on this case. NOT ADDRESSING THE OLINE.

Bears RB Harvge Unga put on IR [espn]
He was their supplemental draft pick this year.

Jamarcus Russell failed drug test right after 2007 draft [espn]
For codeine...the purple drank. In a E60 interview, he blames the Raiders and Tom Cable for not helping him. What an ass...he's a grown man.