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Snide Debate: Should the Redskins Trade for Another Right Tackle?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at the

"Should the Redskins make a trade for another Right Tackle, or are they safe going into the season with a banged up Jammal Brown and the current field of backups?"

Rick: I would definitely grab another right tackle if someone decent comes open during late preseason cutdown. That said, they don't very often so it's doubtful anyone good is available and if it's just another guy they already have those. That Jammal Brown's hip is already bothering him is a warning sign. Where is Jon Jansen when you need him?

Kevin: I'd like to see a trade. When Bruce Allen said the 'future is now," I sincerely doubt he had Stephon Heyer as RT in mind. As JimmyK researched so well, the 49ers and the Raiders are both Tackle heavy.  The Raiders went OT heavy in the draft this year, selecting Jared Veldheer and Bruce CampbellMario Henderson and Khalif Barnes are the starters, leaving rookies Veldheer, Campbell, and the versatile Erik Pears as the reserves.  Pears interests me since he played for Shanahan from 2005-2008 and is a perfect fit for a zone-blocking scheme. It's not like the Raiders can't afford to trade a once undrafted OLineman. Everyone knows Campbell can take a hit...why not bolster your defense some more??

The Niners have 10 NFL-quality O Linemen, although they may very well keep all 10.  They drafted OG Mike Iupati and OT Anthony Davis, but also have OT's Joe Staley, Alex Boone, and Barry Sims; OG's Adam Snyder, David Baas, and Chilo Rachal; and C's Eric Heitman and Cody Wallace.  I'm thinking the Niners need to bring Andre Carter back to San Fran!!

Rick: Given your Raiders scenario, the Jason Campbell trade to Oakland for a 2012 draft pick looks even dumber. They should have taken a backup right tackle since Oakland has spares. I really hate that trade being two years away on the pick in a draft that technically isn't real because the CBA runs out after 2011 draft. I could see a trade -- maybe Willie Parker for someone's backup tackle.   

Yea, it'll be interesting to get the "Behind the Scenes" story on how Al Davis bullied us into that 2012 pick. Perhaps it came down to simply mercy for Jason's sake. Campbell obviously still isn't taking the trade news well, so maybe the Redskins took whatever they could. With Willie having such a bad camp, do you think he has any trade value? In fantasy football terms, I feel like that trade is the equivalent of me offering you Rex Grossman for Steve Smith.

Rick: Kinda like Dutch for Beck deal. Parker might garner a backup tackle in the right situation. Both teams giving up someone they're going to cut anyway. Maybe Chris Horton is available.

 Excellent point on the Beck deal. So what say you Redskins Nation?