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Daily Slop: Skip Bayless (gasp) Predicts Big Things for Redskins; Jarmon Struggling

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No practice today. Just walk throughs for the game. (H/T Matt Terl)

Bruce Allen: Shanahan is in charge [Bog]

Haslett defines how he wants to use Haynesworth [Insider]
Pure power...none of those terrible spin moves.

Andre Carter has the slight advantage to win OLB [Insider]
Lorenzo would still see some packages.

Adam Carriker shining; Jarmon struggling - ACL knee a problem [WaExaminer]

Cooley: Haynesworth drama is over....not really. []

Well, I think for Albert to finally put this to bed, he has to show up and play through the preseason," said Cooley. "He’s got to do his best to stay healthy and continue to play hard. He’s out there working hard right now. He’ll fit right in with the players. But for the story to end, he has to come out and perform a little bit."

Expect 15-18 plays from McNabb in game vs Bills [Insider]

Skip Bayless predicts Redskins finish 2nd in NFC East; Wildcard [YouTube]
Damn...I'm supposed to hate this guy.

Touching video of Kelli Johnson telling Sellers he's having a boy [ES]
Very odd that his wife did not tell him, but cool none the less.

Al Davis says Jason Campbell reminds him of Super Bowl MVP Jim Plunkett [espn]

Adam Archuleta a student athlete at ASU; Hopes to get into broadcasting [asu]

Shawne Merriman signs his tender [espn]