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Warren Sapp Calls Haynesworth Out for Laziness in MNF Game Last Year

Warren Sapp, now an analyst for NFL Live, shows some damning evidence of Haynesworth exerting less than optimal effort on some key plays last season. In other words, he flat out sucked. Keep this in mind: This game film is from a home game, versus the Cowboys, on Monday Night Football:

Sapp: Let's see what Shanahan is looking at. The first play against the Cowboys...(Hayensworth falls down)...oop! We call that an OG. Own Ground. The second play of the game. A bubble screen...(Haynesworth isn't hustling)...come on Albert! Show me some effort. It's the second play of the game. It's Monday Night Football. This is Cowboys and Indians. Come on! He's still on the ground? JOP. That's what we call...Jump on pile.

4th play of the game...(pass up field)...Ball is still alive Albert! That's called a change of speed my friend. When you have a change of speed four plays into the game, he's out of the game now.

The Cowboys have just entered the red zone. You want all your big weapons out there. Albert's on the bench getting a little water...a little Gatorade. Let's see what Albert's got for us after two plays of leaving. Remind you. Cowboys are in the red zone. (Cowboys run a counter). No lean, he's not mean. He's not going to the ball. He's not inflicting any punishment on the Cowboys.

(next play)

Albert! You recognize anything? Nope. COUNTER! We call that being fooled and deceived. When you're tired you look up, when you peek, you're defeated. All day long. Cowboys scored in 8 plays. Albert's in on 6 out in 2. That's why you have to run the 300 yard shuttle. Mike Shanahan wants to see more because you can't play this game tired, high, and off the field.

I said it before and I'll say it again, Haynesworth has shown nothing from me that he cares about this game or this team. Stuff like this only further validates it. Give me Kedric Golston any day. What do you think?