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Daily Slop: Devin Thomas is 3rd string for a Reason; Larry Johnson is a Horrible DJ

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Devin Thomas is 3rd string because he's having trouble getting separation...whether he's facing DeAngelo Hall or Ramzee Robinson. His Special Teams skills is what saving his roster spot []

Orakpo regarding the 3-4: "There's no SS or's really just left and right."  Espn980 radio

Adam Schefter does a bang-up job writing his post-card from Redskins camp.
Shanahan has brought in a lot of ex-Broncos to help teach the crash course: Terrell Davis, Steve Beuerlein, Steve Atwater, Michael Pittman....Shanahan calls Trent Williams "a total stud." [espn]

In nickel packages, expect Carlos Rogers to play the slot and Phillip Buchanon the CB [Insider]

Malcolm Kelly likely won't play Friday vs Bills [Insider]...nor will Haynesworth [Insider]

Larry Johnson is a horrible DJ...cleared out the dancefloor at club [dcfab]


I always love me some Cleveland bashing. Braylon Edwards sounds off: "There’s nothing going on in Cleveland," Edwards said. "There’s no real estate. There’s no social life, no social networking. All the people who have something going on leave Cleveland..." []

The Hogs still hate the Cowboys [Bog]

Carlos Rogers and some Wizards bowl for for Haiti [dcfab]

Brandon Jacobs might lose starting job to Bradshaw. Is there anyone out there that thinks that Brandon would sit there and be a good teammate if that happened? []

Colts' John Gill found drunk in a ditch "desheveled and soiled." Good times. []

Fedex Field exterior gets some upgrades as well [Skins Blog]