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Redskins Players Have Some Trade Value Too

Not every player fits into a new system.  The Redskins have implemented a new system on both sides of the ball going into the 2010 preseason.  Below are some players (not just because of how they fit into our system) that may be considered tradeable, and what I feel we could net in return for these players.

Albert Haynesworth - (2nd-3rd) - This one is obvious.  He doesn't want to play in the 3-4, and the Redskins don't need the headache. 


Carlos Rogers - (2nd - 4th)  -  Calling the Baltimore Ravens...........Calling the Ravens.......anyone there?  The injury to Foxworthy is just the type of situation that could play into our hands for trading Rogers.  He will be a FA next season, and hasn't lived up to his 1st round draft billing.  He however is a good cover corner, and would be a great fit for an attacking defense like the Ravens.  We have Buchanon, Tryon, Barnes and Westbrook as reserves.  Hall, Buchanon/Tryon, with Barnes as nickle or dime would be fine with me.


Andre Carter - (3rd-4th) - We all know he is better suited to play in the 4-3.  It appears, at least early on, that he is behind Alexander on the depth chart at OLB.  We have Wilson, and Jackson as backups, and Jarmon as a "tweener".  Carter is 31, so he does still have some value.


Chris Cooley  -  (2nd - 4th)  -  Personally, I would take a 3rd for him, and nothing less.  It would however hurt to loose Cpt. Chaos, but we definitly have depth and youth at TE, something we can not say we have at many other spots.  Davis, Vickers and Morris/Paulsen would be a nice TE trio. 


LaRon Landry  -  (2nd - 3rd)  -  I don't like the idea of loosing LaRon, but he could be a good fit for a team lacking an agressive, playmaking safety.  He has the ability, but just hasn't seemed to be able to put everything together yet.  Chris Horton may be a better fit for our defense.


Stephon Heyer  -  (4th - 6th)  -  If a team has a starting OT go down with injury, Heyer may present some value.  He is not good by any sense of the imagination, but he is serviceable and versatile. 


Colt Brennan  -  (5th - 7th)  -  It appears we are going to keep 3 QB's this year, and McNabb and Grossman have the first two spots locked down.  The future is now for Brennan, and it doesn't appear he will be able to capitalize on that.  Maybe he will have a chance to fight for a backup spot on another squad.