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Is Terrell Owens An Option If Malcolm Kelly Struggles?

It's no secret Terrell Owens is having trouble landing a team, which is obvious when you're only option the previous year was Buffalo. Owens was on a TN radio show yesterday and responded to a question about the Redskins:

"Well you know what? That's definitely something that was on the radar, and if that's a possibility and they want to bring me in and make that happen then I'm open arms to it. And I think Donovan has come out and said that things that have happened in the past were sometimes overblown in the media. It's surprising how it takes some years to go by for things like that to come out, but Donovan and I, we're friends now...I think going to Washington and playing with him obviously would be a good thing because I feel that their team is really on the cusp of getting to the playoffs and making things happen." (H/T: RedskinsPost)

Terrell went on to mention the Titans as a possible suitor. I've always been in Camp No F'n Way to Owens, but let me ask you this: What if none of our WRs step up in training camp or pre-season? God forbid Santana gets hurt -the Redskins are in some serious trouble. They don't even have a dependable #3 they can count on, much less a proven number two. Shanahan is a ball buster and with Owens' lack of options, they could pretty much write the contract at will including behavioral stipulations. Owens and McNabb of course have played together and know their tendencies. IF, and it's a big if, Owens were to come to Washington, why not make him one of the 11 WRs that competes for a spot? What's the worse that happens? We cut him week 3 and bring back Mike Furrey who is competing for a spot anyway? It's a debate worth discussing because Shanahan is obviously not pleased with his WRs, and the quality depth is lacking.

Note: TO was tied for 4th in the NFL last year in dropped balls with 9, but also on that list tied with him or higher is Dallas Clark (9), Santonio Holmes (10), Dwayne Bowe (11), and Brent Celek (9). Calvin Johnson had 8.

As for egomaniacs, Shanahan has dealt with some of the best before. Here's a list of the ones I found and their suspensions/outcomes...

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Shanahan conduct issues:

Oct 2008 - DL Josh Shaw was reportedly involved in a fight with a teammate. Shaw was getting worked out in practice by coaches for messing up and was being mocked by teammates. Shawn had enough and informed them if anyone mocked him once more he'd had it. DL Kenny Peterson mocked him again and Shaw popped him. Head coach Mike Shanahan heard about the altercation, walked into the room and suspended Shaw. Sources claim Shanahan wanted to suspend Shaw for four games.

Aug 2008 - Brandon Marshall suspended 3 games by NFL for bad conduct (DUI and 2 domestic disputes). In this instance, Shanahan defended his star WR: "I just see him growing day by day, and he understands what it means to be a leader as an athlete, to be a leader in the community, help kids. He wants to do those type of things. He's a guy that's got a big upside not only on the field but off the field." Josh McDaniels of course suspended Marshall last season for bad conduct after demanding a new contract or trade.

Dec 2007 - Travis Henry fails a drug test for weed. He pleads his innocence to the NFL and Shanahan. Henry sues the NFL to stall his suspension. Henry convinces Shanny to conduct a lie-detector test, which Henry passes with flying colors. Henry is allowed to play.

Dec 2007 - Todd Sauerbrun cut after being belligerent with cops in a taxi dispute. Shanahan first said all the same things he did with Moss, "Let's let due process take care of itself and if he's guilty, he'll have to pay the price." When police confirmed it, he was gone. "The way he handled himself that way in the situation was uncalled for. That's why he's not with us."

Aug 2006 - Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan sent a message that nobody is above his rules. Cornerback Champ Bailey and linebacker Al Wilson were suspended for Denver's second preseason game against Tennessee after missing team curfew the night before. Shanahan would not discuss the specifics of what happened the night before the game, only that the players were suspended.

Nov 2003 - Daryl Gardener suspended for 1 game for poor conduct. Supposedly the team was shown an edited tape of Gardener not hustling on multiple plays. Gardener lashed out at Shanahan saying he didn't want him there and he was setup. Daryl didn't play another game in the NFL after that.