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Daily Slop: Haynesworth is Working Out in TN; Devin Thomas Works out with Ocho Cinco

Haynesworth Working Out With Trainer in Knoxville [ExSkins]    
You're going to love the source on this one. A Redskins' fan's nephew. There are some intricate details in there, so I buy it. Haynesworth's residence is actually in Brentwood (south of Nashville), but of course he went to college in Knoxville.

Adam Schefter: "Redskins went from having one of the worst offensive lines in the league to now having perhaps the best offensive tackle tandem in the NFL." [espn]

Former Redskin Timmy Smith is a bus dispatcher at DEN airport [aol
It's an older story, but one I hadn't heard. It's good to see he's back on his feet and coaching as well.

Devin Thomas working out with Ocho Cinco [@OGOchoCinco]
Ocho spelled his name wrong, so I corrected him. Nothing bad can come out of this. Hopefully it was some on-field workouts since Ocho is one of the best at getting separation.

Jim Haslett was behind home plate at Nats game last night (Picture) [@hogshaven]