Redskins Have Oldest Roster in NFL

It pains me when I see articles like this showing how Shanahan has taken the oldest roster in the NFL, and made it even older. I think it was something like adding almost 6 months to our average age, taking us up to 28 1/2 years old on average.

I keep looking back on how we have overspent on high-priced free agents, and over-the-hill, and past-their-prime vets. Frankly, it concerns me for the future of our organization. I know it was mentioned in the recent article, that last year, 3 of the oldest teams in the NFL were the Saints, Pats, and Cardinals, all of whom won their divisions, and one which ended up winning the Super Bowl. Still, it's a concern to me as a fan, and it should be for you too.

Well, all hope is not lost, as I have figured a way to go from the oldest, to the youngest team in the NFL in just 1 year. Below is a breakdown of how this could happen, by using what we already have on this team; and with a few additions via the draft as well.

Cuts or Free Agents Lost:












2011 Draft: (i'm assuming we are picking between 11-20)

1st - Stephen Wiznewski - C (best center in college football, can also play both G positions)

2nd - Pat Devlin - QB(Deleware prospect, who is a great leader, very mobile, and can make all the throws)

Potential 2011 Lineup:

QB - Pat Devlin

RB - Ryan Torain

WR - Devon Thomas

WR - Malcolm Kelly

TE - Fred Davis

FB - Dennis Morris

LT - Trent Williams

LG - Erik Cook

C - Stephen Wiznewski

RG - Selvish Capers (Yea, you like this one? Me too!)

RT - Jammal Brown

NT - Albert Haynesworth (he'll be here, and he will play)

DE - Kedric Golston

DE - Adam Carriker

OLB - Brian Orakpo

OLB - Jeremy Jarmon/Lorenzo Alexander

MLB - Rockey McIntosh (we need to lock him up for a long-term deal)

MLB - Perry Riley

CB - Deangelo Hall

CB - Justin Tryon

SS - Laron Landry

FS - Kevin Barnes(You like this one too? I sure do)

There you have it. We went from one of the oldest teams in the NFL, to one of the youngest in just one year!

Now feel free to have at it! At least it should make for some interesting discussion.